Turn on your holiday mood and join us for the hottest wakeboard Sessions!!

Wakeboarding is a dynamic watersport that truly started in the late 80s and today is the fastest-growing sport world wide. Akin to snowboarding, the sports popularity is spreading like wildfire around the globe. Evolving from a combination of surfing, snowboarding, skating and waterskiing, wakeboarding is not only the world’s fastest-growing water board sport but also the most accessible.

You can enjoy wakeboarding on lakes, rivers or on the sea. Riders are able to perform awesome BIG AIR tricks, whilst being towed behind a boat, with the use of larger wakes. The rider stands sideways on a shorter, wider board similar in concept to a snowboard. By travelling at a lower speed than in waterskiing and by carrying extra weight (and a compliment of cheering friends), the boat kicks up a big wake. The rider uses this wake as a launch ramp where a variety of tricks are performed. These can range from skate/snowboard inspired grabs and spins to massive  flips and soaring jumps. In the same way that snowboarding has brought a cultural revolution to the snowski market, wakeboarding has redefined and reinvented waterskiing.

We offer wakeboarding tours from 1-6 people on White Shark boat (Deep V Hull) with Yamaha 225 HP engine. Wakeboard/Skate/Ski gear is included. Contact us on waveshop@gmail.com, fill out a form @ www.waveshop.hr or visit us at Obala Ante Trumbića 3 21000 Split and reserve your adventure. Departure point is from the Bar Argola located at Lučica 7 21000 Split.

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